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David D’Agostino

David started his marketing career in 2003 in Melbourne, Australia, and quickly developed a passion and flair for the sales and marketing industry. After only one year of running his company he won a top performing award from the client supplier. In 2007 he decided to expand the Silver Lining organisation back to his home roots in Italy. He laid the foundations for the countries growth in Rome, within four years the country grew to 12 different locations in 8 cities. Following his tremendous achievements in the European market, David moved back to Australia to continue the growth of Silver Lining. Currently David has mentored, assisted and launched over 22 offices sitting in 20 different cities in Europe and Australia. One of the keys to David’s success is his ability to take young and ambitious entrepreneurs and develop them into top performing business professionals. David is always on the look out for new clients, products or an aspiring entrepreneur that he can help grow. Before establishing Silver Lining, David had an illustrious amateur boxing career winning numerous state and golden glove championships in Australia, this is where he developed the mentality that he needed to run a successful organisation, through hard work, discipline and dedication. While still overseeing the growth of Europe and Australia David plans to enter the New Zealand and American market over the next 5 years.

Operations Manager

Laura Coombes

Laura started her journey in July 2012 after having a thriving dancing career she had an extremely ambitious nature and wanted to take on a new challenge in sales and marketing. With a natural knack for dedication and tenacity Laura quickly moved up the 5 stages of business within her first year at Silver Lining. Laura has had the opportunity to travel along side Silver Lining both nationally and internationally, and in 2013 she was sent to Italy as part of Silver Lining’s training and rewards program where she had the opportunity to learn off some exceptional Managing Directors in Rome, Bologna, Florence and Milan! Her bubbly nature and work ethic led her to generate over $1.6 million for our not-for-profit clients in her time as a sales and marketing representative. Laura is now head of operations and business development assisting with continual growth of Silver Lining she looks forward to developing more in business personally and the opening of the American and New Zealand offices in the next 5 years.


Katrina D'Adgostino

Account Manager

Emanuela Regoli

Business Consultant

Marco Mercuri

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