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Planning and strategy

Marketing strategy is defined as being the efficient use of scarce resources to achieve the desired objectives.

Our job is to clearly understand what these objectives are, to question them if required at the briefing stage and qualify them as part of any business research, and to challenge any pre-conceived ideas as necessary within our strategic proposition, which is the outcome of the marketing strategy phase.

It needs to consider the available budget and the desired profits that will be a direct and indirect result of any related marketing activities. It needs to assess and recommend the best media channels to use to achieve the strategic objectives. It needs to establish meaningful success criteria, wherever this is possible.

This does not mean that a marketing strategy ought to eat up huge amounts of time and money. Good strategy is a consequence of knowledge and experience, attitude and flair, disciplined teamwork, pragmatic brainstorming and creative insight.

Sales Promotions

Through our stringent recruitment process we ensure that our team of experienced professionals deliver the highest level of customer service and create compelling brand experiences.

If you are running an event and you want it to be as successful as possible, you need to tick a few boxes. Getting the right event marketing agency partner on board is one of the most important boxes to tick

How we can help

  • Create engaging presentations by deep understanding of the product or service involved
  • Have our brand ambassadors rehearse until smooth following
  • Inform the audience in digestible bite sized chunks
  • Provide on site staff to manage the event
  • Supply branded promotional materials
  • We book accommodation and travel
  • Conduct post – event research to follow up as required to sustain awareness and interest.

Maximising sales

The main function of marketing is to increase sales. The term marketing is actually derived from taking your business to market. It is the purpose of the business plan to convert sales into profits.

Firstly, we need to profoundly understand the target audience in question the demographics, behaviour and beliefs.

Having a clear understanding of who your dream customer is, we now know how best to make contact with them, how to stimulate their interest with relevant messages, and how to encourage them to move along the path to becoming a customer.

The first stage in the process is to establish the most effective ways to raise awareness by considering the various marketing media at our disposal such as direct marketing, responsive advertising, sales meetings, exhibitions, digital marketing or  a sales promotion.

We then need to plot the entire sales pipeline strategy to ensure we funnel opportunities along a conversion path with the least possible waste, thereby maximising sales.

The target market starts as a list of suspects, who turn into prospects before they convert into customers.

Here we should mention the importance of delivering a consistent brand experience at every point of interaction with customers, at every stage in the pipeline.

This is where sales training, customer service and product education are crucial.

Last but not least we focus on customer retention.

We all know that it costs a great deal more to find a new customer than to keep an existing one for us strategy on repeat business is how we can continue to grow your brand.

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